We took the name for our store from the straits between Borneo and Sulawesi. We, Margit Carell and Jürgen Tekath, opened Makassar in 1993 with a business philosophy that emerged through our travels in Indonesia. Throughout the years, new objects were brought in from our travel destinations – we discovered rare objects from faraway flea markets and brought back collector’s items from many countries.

In the meantime, the old has been complemented with new objects and the traditional has been combined with the modern. The love of handmade objects and the respect for originality has always been our key focus.

With a great deal of passion, we also choose our fashion collections in the same way. Next to well-known designers, you can always find small, up-and-coming labels that are worth discovering at our store.

We have frequent and friendly contact to almost all of our manufacturers and producers, and in this way, we are also assured about fair production conditions and genuine quality.